Mission Statement - Our Vision

"Our mission as a church is to share and respond to God's love for each person by welcoming all. Together, we can return God's love by becoming witnesses and followers of the teachings of Jesus Christ throughout our daily lives. We allow these things to help us become new people in Christ."

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First Baptist Church
701 N. Main St. / Box 476
Central Square, NY 13036

Phone: 315-668-2138

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Central Square First Baptist Church

Welcome to the First Baptist Church in Central Square, NY

Phone: 668-2138

Sunday Worship  - 10:00 till about 11:15
Coffee and snacks - 11:20 till about 12:30
Sunday School & Adult Education - 9:00 till 9:45
• Nursery is staffed
• Handicapped accessible

We are delighted you found our home page – and our hope is that you didn’t get here by accident.

At some point in life, we all look for something to help us make sense of life. Eternal questions such as, “Why am I here? What is life all about, anyway?” are as unanswerable as they are thought provoking.

Questions like, “Does God truly exist? If so, does God know who I am? And would God even care about me if He did?” can be just as haunting.

The purpose of our church is:

• to encourage people to allow God to reach them,
• to guide them as their connection with God grows and strengthens,
• to help them understand the way of life Jesus wants us all to live,
• to be awe-struck as their relationship with God becomes so close that God becomes their Father,
• and to celebrate with them throughout their transformation of becoming a new person.

Although God is always our focus, Jesus is the one to whom we are apprenticed. The more we become like Jesus, the closer we are drawn to God.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss what you have read, or to learn more about who we are.

† May God bless you and keep you . . .
First Baptist Church in Central Square, NY